Welcome to The Call Centre Outsourcing Site

This is my site with lots of articles and tips to help you to outsource call centre activity better. Within this site, you will find many tips, articles and tools to help you. My mission is to improve the quality of outsourced call centre operations for UK businesses whether you choose to use our services or not.  Whether you want to choose a new provider, new advice on location, help with pricing or anything else related to outsourcing your call centre activity, you will find it on this site.

You will also find details about SPICE, the only world-class structure for maximising the benefit of outsourced call centres. 

My experience has shown me that successful outsourcing management is a complex art of applying the relatively simple "science" of the outsourcing process.  This site has all the proven science of outsourcing management which anyone can learn.  The challenge is to learn how to apply this and this is where I can help.

Who am I?

  • What is SPICE?

    SPICE is the metholodology I have developed alongside some of the leading minds in the industry to strategise, procurement, implement, manage and improve outsourced operations. SPICE is an acronym for "S" - Strategy, "P" - Procurement "I" - Imlementation, "C" - Control & Innovate and "E" - Exit.  It is the lifecycle for managing outsourcing contracts. 


  • Founder - Rob O'Malley

    I am the founder of call-centres.com with over 23 years of helping organisations to improve the quality of their outsourcing. I was the first person in The UK to gain a Masters Degree specialiaing in outsourcing. I am a published author, a regular speak on contact centres and contributor to publications around the world.


SPice - strategy, procurement, implemenation, control & transform, exit

I cover the whole lifecycle of call centre outsourcing from guiding your strategy and pricing mechanisms through to improving existing outsourcing arrangements and derisking exits from incumbent suppliers

  • Auditing Suppliers

    Supplier audits should be an essential element of any outsourced campaign but it often helps to have insight from independent experts and that's what I do.   My audits don't just examine the superficial outputs but the underlying operation and potential risks.


  • Transformation through call centre outsourcing

    Outsourcing your call centre provides an ideal opportunity to transform your business operations.  However, for a multitiude of reasons, it often doesn't happen.  I can provide ideas and strategies for anything from automation to making your services more efficient or effective.


which supplier should we choose?

 choosing call centre suppliers

There is no such thing as the "best supplier" but there are ones more suited to your individual business

Every organisation has the own way of choosing a supplier and the nature of call centres means that there is normally a very comprehensive approach.  However, time after time, I meet companies who feel that they have chosen the wrong supplier.

The SPICE methodology is unique in that its key feature is detailed insight into each and every supplier which can be used to make better, more informed decisions.  This information is then used to validate, justify, dispute or even determine the final choice of supplier.  This is a unique offering and an incredibly powerful tool.

If you would like to discuss how this tool can assist you, please contact me on 077400 96598