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Whether you are an outsourced call centre provider, are a client of an outsourced provider or you would like to find a call centre services provider, this site is for you. We are a specialist consultancy whose sole focus is to improve the quality of call centre outsourcing whether within The UK or offshore. As part of our commitment to the wider call centre community, we have packed this site with over 500 pages of powerful tools and resources which you can use free of charge.

About Me

My name is Rob O'Malley and I am a call centre outsourcing consultant having spent over 20 years in the industry.  I help companies to outsource effectively and also work with outsource vendors to improve with their strategy, operations and marketing functions.  This is my blog and if I can be of any help, please call me on 077400 96598

What's in this ultimate call centre outsourcing guide?

Whatever your requirements in connection with call centre outsourcing, we have it on this site.  We have forms to help you analyse potential call centres, evaluation forms, coaching forms, guides & reports for 100s of locations, guides and much more more.  If you can't find it, please contact us and we'll help.

  • Choosing a Call Centre

    There are literally 1000s of of call centre companies around the world. In this section, we include step by step guides to selecting the most suitable vendor for the work you want to outsource




  • Offshore Call Centres

    The explosion in the offshoring of call centres creates even more choices and often more challenges. In this section, we have guides to each countries and advice on how others do things better

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Help for Outsourcing Companies

Within your own little bubble, it's often very difficult to decide what the best ways of winning and retaining new clients. We have put together an extensive selection of resources to help outsourced vendors improve various aspects of their business.  Our library of documents includes a selection of marketing presentations, some tips of how "not to do" things and some tips on improving client relationships